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orthwest Hydro-Fracturing has developed a unique, state-of-the-art method of well development and rehabilitation - combining the physical power of isolation fluid jetting, the effectiveness and precision of today's best chemical products, continuous monitoring, and the most efficient equipment for removing and disposing of silt, sand, scale, slime and chemicals from the well.

Unlike less sophisticated techniques, our isolation fluid jetting assures the most thorough cleaning and development of the entire depth of the well. The principle of isolation jetting is to treat the length of the well as a series of much smaller segments, each of which is cleaned and rehabilitated in isolation from the rest of the well. This approach assures consistent development, efficient use of chemicals and equipment, and the highest level of control.

Within the isolated segment, cleaning chemicals are jetted into the screen and formation through jets at the bottom of a hose reel. The fluid and dislodged debris are continually pumped back to the surface, where debris is filtered out and the fluid is monitored to determine how the cleaning is progressing. The filtered chemical is then pumped back into the well to continue cleaning.

To ensure removal of debris, the recirculating fluid is pumped out of the well faster than it is jetted in. When a segment is thoroughly cleaned and developed, the jetting apparatus moves on to the next segment and the process begins again. This is done with a continuous reel of hose that jets and withdraws debris in isolation. The hose can be at any point in the well, from the top of the well to the bottom in moments rather than hours.

The key elements of this process are:

  • Initial rapid removal of loose debris
  • Even distribution of chemicals where they are needed
  • Isolation fluid jetting with safe, effective chemicals
  • Redistribution after chemicals have settled into difficult areas
  • Careful monitoring of the chemistry coming out of the well
  • Safe removal of all debris and chemistry

This type of jetting is recommended wherever there's water in a well, whether it's a screened borehole or an unscreened rock formation.

As part of this complete development and rehabilitation program, Northwest Hydro-Fracturing also provides extensive cleaning of the pump, column pipe and any submersible pump cable. At the end of the process, we pump the remainder of the cleaning product out of the well, neutralize it, and transport it safely to an approved disposal site.


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