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fter initial testing to determine the pre-fracture
yield, all pump equipment and liner are removed and the well is examined by use of a video camera and measured. Then, utilizing a 2-packer system (packers are plugs 5 feet in length and made of rubber and steel) we isolate zones in the well which have been identified from the well report and video taken prior to the hydro-fracturing process. These isolated zones between the packers are then subjected to high pressure water which opens and flushes out new and existing cracks and fissures in the surrounding rock formation, allowing increased water flow into the well.

The results realized depends on the type of rock and occurence of good water bearing formations but when zones are isolated and fractured, 96% of the time there is improvement in water production with an average increase of 574%!


After the fracturing, we reinstall the liner and your pump contractor reinstalls the pump the next day to prevent pump damage from debris suspended in the water. Within two weeks of the procedure a flow test should be performed to determine the post-fracture yield.


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